Homeopathy 101

An afternoon learning experience on 20th April 2024

Learn to use a basic homeopathic remedy kit for coughs, colds, cuts, bruises, burns, diarrhea, fevers, headaches, earaches, toothaches, shock, panic, upset stomach, etc. Feel empowered in taking care of your own and your child’s health when an acute problem pops up. Feel safe in knowing when to turn to a professional. This workshop is designed to give you all the above.

During the workshop, we are going to learn about the 18 remedies used to create the ‘Basic 18’ kit from Helios, a homeopathic pharmacy based in Tunbridge Wells. You can order your kit directly from Helios, or you can wait until the workshop and I can give you one. You can also choose to get the kit after the seminar, if that’s more ideal for you.

Time and Location

1pm to 4.30pm on Saturday, 20th April, at About Balance in Brighton

Without the kit: £15 or £12 with Karma Card
With kit included: £47 or £44 with Karma Card (This option is only available to those who sign up 7 days before the course)
Handouts (designed with learning difficulties in mind) are included

Important to know
- If you have any physical disabilities/mobility issues and as a result are unable to sit on a chair for an extended period of time, please let us know in advance. We will try our best to accommodate you in the most comfortable way possible. Please note that About Balance is wheelchair accessible, but sadly the bathrooms aren’t.
- If you have any learning difficulties, you can choose to let us know if you think that would be helpful.

To book your spot, please click here and scroll down until you see the title of the workshop